The following are links to a variety of associations and informational sites dedicated to our feline friends.

Norwegian Forest Cats Fanciers' Association

TICA - The International Cat Association

American Cat Fanciers Association                      Maine Coon Breeders and Fanciers Association                    The Cat Fanciers' Association






These are some links to products and services we use and can recommend to others.


Some of the finest cat toys known to kitten-dom!!  Cats like them too!!!

Sturdi Products

Excellent carriers, soft cages and related items.  We use them and we recommend you look at them when you need the type of items they produce.

Breeders Assistant

Breeders Assistant (BA) is a pedigree and record keeping software for breeders of cats, dogs, horses, birds, rabbits, rats, rare breed sheep/goats/cattle and many other animals.  Highly recommended!!