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Charlie Brown


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"Second Best Brown Tabby Maine Coon"
in Region 6 in the 2008 - 2009 show year.
1st went to "Archibald Hunter" from
Jabocats Cattery,
Hunter's father is our Archibald.

CFA - Grand Champion

Charlie is our fist "baby" to reach the title of "Grand Champion" in CFA.  Born from a mating between Rachel Bella and Gabriel, he was one of five brown tabby children - Molly Brown, Murphy Brown, Leroy Brown, James Brown and Charlie Brown.  Though all were "special", Charlie stayed on with us to further his career, both at shows and (eventually) breeding.

A big, brown, tabby, boy is, for many people, the "poster child" of what a Maine Coon is supposed to look like.  Though certainly not the only color / pattern option for the Maine Coon, it is the one most people (the public) think of when picturing the Maine Coon breed.  Charlie fits the image well, but his personality has helped to make him stand out.

Charlie is truly a "big baby"...  Any chance he can get, he will climb onto my lap, wrap his paws around my neck and snuggle himself under my chin, or curl up on my lap to take a nap.  At 20 lbs, he is certainly not the largest Maine Coon out there, but he is a substantial amount of cat to have laying on your lap...insisting that you pay attention to him.  At shows, he will often come out of his cage to play and greet people passing by.

As his show career comes to an end (for now), he will move on to doing a job most males (of any species) would enjoy - breeding. :-)  As I write this, we are looking forward to seeing what he and some selected girls, are able to produce.  We are hoping for some terrific children from him, but no matter what comes of it, having Charlie around, part of our family, has been and will be a great joy to us.

Notable Children

GP Buster Brown

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Archibald is the result of a mating between Prissy and  Theodore.  Though he started off life as a typical kitten, he became a study in the fine art of "the contradiction".  Here is this big, strapping (rivaling Charlie and Gabriel) boy, who is often very shy, seemingly afraid of his own shadow.  Of course, having a sister like Betty Boots, would make most boys quite reserved, but he has taken it to a bit of an extreme at times.

Though absolutely gorgeous, he has never (sadly) been able to be shown.  In his own environment, he is fine, but take him out of his home and he melts.  For a long time, we were not even sure we should breed him, out of fear of passing on his attitude, but once he found a friend in Cynthia (his roommate, who is spayed, I might add), he has blossomed and has come out of his shell, a great deal.

In 2009, Archibald gave Jabocats "Hunter", who went on to be a GC and is already doing his own "work".  In 2010, we're hoping to be able to use him with a couple of other girls and look forward to what he may be able to bring us with those matings...  Time will tell.

Notable Children

Grand Champion
Jaborcats Archibald Hunter
Best Brown Tabby Maine Coon
in Region 6
2008 - 2009
Jabocats Cattery

"Hunter" (shown to the left) is now in residence here, on loan from Jabocats Cattery.  He is a wonderful boy, who has all the positive aspects of his father and non of the negatives... No knots!! <G>

Update 4/10 - Hunter has followed in his father's footsteps a bit more than we thought, or hoped he would...  He knows what "knots" are, now!!  I also know, he does NOT like them being combed out!!


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Chester is Julius's brother...and though similar in many ways, is just different enough to be his own man.  Not as long as Julius, by a large margin, but he is certainly just as adorable... Most of the time!  Chester is, without question, a bit more "spirited" and has a harder time snuggling.  Instead, he wants you to toss a ball so he can chase it, or wrap your fingers on the counter so he can bat at them.  To sit on your lap, or be held for more than a few moments, is not something he particularly cares to do.  On the other hand, he wants to be right there with you, right by your side, but on his terms, not yours.  Different from his brother... Yes, but it works for him just fine.

Physically, Chester does not have his brother's extreme length, nor is he quite as slim.  Certainly not fat (by any means), but not as stocky as Red, or Gabriel either... He has a nice middle ground look and build to him.  Of course, he has the age old problem...  So much time, not enough girls!! :-)

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Premiers & Retired

Buster Brown


Having a little "relaxation time" in the wading pool.
He fills it up, pretty well...<G>


CFA - Grand Premier

If you notice a similarity between Buster and Charlie, you would not be wrong...  Buster is one of Charlie's sons and at 3-1/2 months, is just shy of what Charlie was, at the same age.  That is true, not only concerning his weight, but with his attitude.  Pick Buster up and you definitely notice a heft to him, carry him around the house, into areas he does not go on his own and you notice that he is comfortable in your arms.  He is curious about the other cats in the house and wants to explore, but equally important (to us), he is comfortable being held in otherwise strange locations, a trait that we find important in a show cat.

Charlie did not go out to shows until he was 7 months old, we hope to have Buster out there a bit sooner than that.  While we may think he is "good", it is really up to the Judges, but of course, we have our hopes...

Stay tuned...<G>


Buster Brown has been going to shows, off and on, for several months now.  Late in his "kitten-hood", he started to become quite surly and was becoming very difficult to control, either at shows, or around the house.  Because his overall personality was generally sweat, we decided to have him neutered, in the hope that it would calm him down.

Two (+) months later, we can tell you it worked, VERY WELL!!  He is a total sweetheart, purrs at the drop of a hat and is about the most complete "goofus", you could ever hope for.

With all that, we were able to have him at shows and he received his winners ribbons (Premier / Champion) at the show in Minneapolis and then at the Sandhills show (Lincoln, NE), the Illinois Feline Fanciers (Springfield, IL) and finally, at the Frontier Feline show (Kansas City, MO), he Granded!!!

He's a wonderful boy, fun to have around, terrific to show and we are looking forward to having him out with us, for a long time to come.

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Peter P.


Peter is a "special" boy.  I highlight "special" because he probably should be considered exactly that - Special.  He's all boy... Getting himself into anything he can, early on, ticking off his sisters as a good brother should, but always with a look of complete and total innocence.  He just can't understand why they, or anyone else, would get upset with him... no matter what he does.

He is, obviously, a "poly".  As such, though he has all the other attributes necessary for an award winning Maine Coon, he will never be able to be shown, no matter how much we might wish otherwise.  Be that as it may be, he is still a spectacular example of a Maine Coon and will probably, when his time comes, be able to give us some excellent children.  As the poly trait does not appear in every kitten, we hope that some of his children will redeem their father's physiology and go on to prove themselves in the show hall.  Time will tell.

Typical of most Maine Coon's, Peter is a goof.  Where Maxwell is, without a doubt, our "master goofus", Peter is coming up a close, a very close, second.  He just does not understand the concept of behaving in a mature manner.  Currently, Peter is still with several of our neutered boys and as he has not learned what it means to be a "whole boy" (yet), the lack of territoriality, etc., is helping him remain what he is...a goof.  What happens when he is "exposed" to a girl, will determine where he eventually lives and maybe how he acts in the future, but we can assure you, no matter what, he will be a very, very "special" boy to us and we are sure, a spectacular Maine Coon boy.


Vet Visit Day at the Cattery


Who is this person and what is she going to do to me mom??

Dang... I am glad that is over with mom!!

At just over a year, Peter has become a "big boy", but still needs his mommy at times!!

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