Norwegian Forest Cat Boys

Gimli | Alexander
Lars & GP Lothar


Alexander Kai
Brown Classic Tabby with White


Poor Alexander...  Fabulous looking, cute as can be and full of attitude...but put him in a room with a girl and he turns to Jell-O!  He just can't seem to handle the initial "meet and greet" that so often involves a bit of hissing with the occasional (female) paw across the chops, type of behavior.  With that, he goes to a corner, or hides in a cubby hole and will not come out for anything!  No matter how hard we try, we just can't seem to get across to him that this is just her way of saying "Hi there big boy... Why don't you come over and see me sometime". :-) 

Still...even with this "problem", he is wonderful.  Very outgoing, loves to be cuddled and certainly has the Norwegian attitude.  With the boys, he will stand his own, though I suspect he prefers to disarm any situations with humor, as he really does not have the bulk to back up a paw (unlike William).  He has terrific markings, fabulously proportional boning (though slightly on the small side) and a ruler straight nose... Just have to get him with a girl who'll let him take the lead. :-)



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Red Tabby with White


Gimli is a strikingly handsome boy who is "ALL" boy.  Beyond the marking behavior, any time he is around a girl in heat, he carries himself with "air" of knowing exactly who he is and knowing he looks good... With the "performance" to back up the claim. :-)

Initially, he was to be breed with Mina, but after repeated tries, nothing seemed to work for them.  Recently (Dec. 08), he had the opportunity to be with Olivia and things "may" have taken.  If so, we will be extremely excited about their kittens.

Though "ALL" boy, Gimli is one of the most loving cats you could every come across.  When entering his area, which he shares with Klaus, he immediately starts to chirp, purr and wants to be on you.  When you pick him up, he will push himself up against you, burry his snoz under your neck, knead his paws and PURR... Very Loudly!

Physically, he is excellent.  A fabulously straight nose, good ear set / angle, an excellent body, with heavy boning and being a Red Tabby with White, very striking.  Had we had the opportunity to show him, we would have, but his breeder did not wish him to be shown, which we absolutely respect. 

His children though... Oh... do we look forward to them!!! :-)

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Lars & Lothar
Blue & White


PR Lars Winston

GP Lothar Winston

Traveling with Lothar
He demands "his" chair!!

CFA Grand Premier & Regional Winner Lothar Winston
Premier Lars Winston

Lars and Lothar are (obviously) brothers.  Though neutered, we include them here as they are continuing on with being exhibited at shows.  They are both wonderful kids who are about as lovable and cuddly as you could ever want.  Together, they are able to deal with most anything, but if apart, they become uncomfortable, so we show them together.

In January, 2009 Lothar reached the CFA title of "Grand Premier" at the Quad City Cat Club Show in Moline, IL (a good show to attend if you are in the area!!).  Though Lothar reached his title before his brother, Lars helped a great deal by being there with him throughout, offering him support and companionship during the shows they attended.  With each there to support the other, they have handled the shows quite well and readily welcome all visitors.

Update - 4/10

Lars and Lothar have agreed to separate a bit...  Lars really does not like going to shows, while Lothar seems to enjoy it.  So...  For the time being, Lars will keep an eye on things at home, while Lothar struts his stuff, on their behalf, at shows for awhile.

Update - 4/11

The end of the 2010 show season is here and the final numbers are in...  Lothar has earned his "Regional Winner" title!!  Our first one!! 

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