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The Working Girls

The following links are for girls who are either actively being breed, or whom we will breed when possible.
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Non-Working & Retired Girls

Lydia | Annie | Diana | Cynthia | Alicia | Brandy | Lolly | Annette | Marigold | Sarah | Mary

The girls below are now, for all intents and purposes, our "house" cats.  Some started off simply as pets, other's became pet's as their breeding / show situations changed.  Though considered "non-working", some will still attend shows from time to time, or go out to other "events", where they can represent their respective breeds, our cattery and cats in general.  Regardless of their situation, ALL are an important part of our household and are well cared for and loved, in their "life of leisure".

Lydia Bie Wyndhaven
Brown Classic Tabby with White



Lydia holds a place of honor in our household.  She was the first Maine Coon brought into our home and while she was never intended to "work", she took over the "Grand Madam" spot from Alexis Lee, after she passed away.  Lydia has done an excellent job filling the top spot and keeps a strong paw on the rest of the household group.  In addition to her position within the "household" group, she is often called upon to lend her paw with "kitten socialization", a job she handles quite well.

Lydia is, without a doubt, a magnificent example of the Maine Coon breed, but more important, she is a fabulous, loving pet in our home.  She has had an "interesting" life with experiences few other cats have ever had the opportunity to enjoy.

See "Lydia - A Cat's Life" for more about her life.

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Red Classic Tabby with White

Annie is a wonderful girl, big boned and just the right amount of "fluff", but sadly, she had problems birthing with her last litter and we just could not put her through it again.  So, after two litters, she was retired as a breeder and became a loved house-cat.

Annie was always happiest when expecting.  Actually, maybe "happy" is the wrong word... She was always more "aware" of things, when pregnant.  It was always a bit funny...  You could see in her eyes - she just did not seem to understand things, just could not get a grasp on life in general.  She had a slightly "vacant" look to her until she became pregnant.  We could tell, within three days or so of a mating, whether she was expecting or not...just from her eyes.  Suddenly, you could see that she "understood".

She gave us Red Adair, a fabulous red boy who we've kept, along with several other kittens who went to other homes.  We're sorry she could not continue with motherhood, but she is content with her role as a "second" to Lydia and will step into the "Grand Madam" role with dignity and good looks, when the time comes.


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Brown Classic Tabby

Lolly is just one of those special girls you can not help but love.  She is the sister of Annette and the second "proof" that brown tabby Maine Coon sisters, just do not get along... She and Annette do not see eye-to-eye on things all that often.

Lolly is a sweetheart, but has had some problems with her skin and intestinal tract and we opted to not breed her, so we did not pass on the issues.

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Brown Classic Tabby

Annette is an absolute dream girl.  She adopted Sonya as her own very early on and the two of them are "mom" to several other's.  Annette was also one of our biggest mistakes...  Not because we got her, but because we had her spayed early on, due to problem with her brother and sister.  Not that we should have ignored those problems, but we should have given her a chance - She would have been a fabulous mother.  To some, we were overly cautious, but our decision was based on what we knew (and felt) at the time and we did not want to take the chance of bringing babies into the world who would have problems.

Regardless, she is terrific.

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Brown Mackerel Tabby with White

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Black & White

Mary started life with us as "Arthur"...  No, she did not have a sex change operation and then became Mary, she was mis-tagged by her owner / vet as being a "small male", or the "runt of the litter".  A funny thing happened at our vet's office...  Our vet could not find the parts that made Arthur, Arthur and instead, noted that he was a she...  After the indignity of the pokes and prods of trying to find the male pieces-parts, Arthur became Mary.

Mary was one of the reasons we fist decided to actually start a cattery.  Though, for her, we were a bit late, having more kittens like her and being able to share them with others, was one of the reasons we started all this crazyness.  She is such a terrific girl, we just could not help ourselves.  In many ways, Mary has taken over from Alexis, the role of NFC Grand Madam in the household.  Though not as "sharp" with her rebukes, she is a mother at heart and has taken a number of kittens under her wing... Up to and including, nursing some, when their real mother was unable to.

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