The Norwegian Forest Cat

Instead of re-inventing the wheel and plagiarizing the heck out of the Internet, we decided to make a number of links to the various articles and information available on the Norwegian Forest Cat.  Below the links are some of our comments, but for the most part, these various articles and sites provide a huge wealth of information for anyone interested in the Norwegian Forest Cat.

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Note: We can not accept responsibility for these links and what is contained on them.  They are placed here for your information only and it is your responsibility to judge whether the information contained on them is accurate, or not.

Below are a variety of links concerning the Norwegian Forest Cat, which give a fair amount of information concerning the breed, both physically and mentally.  One thing we wish to clear up, up front, is something that we have recently been informed of...

Norwegian's do not "talk"...

This is categorically "un-true", at least in ours.  Maybe it is something that other's have found in their lines, or their environment, maybe because we also breed Maine Coon's (who will trill and chirp and meow with the best of them) that the NFC's have picked this up, but whatever the reason, we can assure you that the Norwegian knows how to talk and can get your attention very well.

They are not, to be sure, Siamese, but they will absolutely tell you what is on their minds, given the opportunity.  If it is food related, you can be sure of knowing that the current offering is unacceptable, or (god forbid), five minutes late!!


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