Due to a variety of reasons, B Street Cattery will no longer be working with TICA - The International Cat Association.  As such, we will no longer be registering kittens / cats with TICA, nor will we be listing our cattery with their "Outstanding Cattery".

We "WILL", however, continue our affiliation with CFA - Cat Fanciers' Association and "WILL" continue registering kittens and cats with CFA and continue our "Cattery Of Excellence" listing with CFA.  Any kitten / cat purchased from B Street Cattery will be provided with the information / documentation necessary to be able to be registered with TICA, but it will be the responsibility of the new owner to pursue.


Raphael made his "Premier" title (Champion) at the Midwest Regional Cat Show in Springfield, MO this past weekend.


Mina and Winston are proud to announce the birth of 3 wonderful children!!  Stay tuned as we watch them grow!!

May, 2009

"Hunter" - Jabocats Archibald Hunter (our Archibald's son) is this region's "Best" Brown Tabby Maine Coon!!  Congrats to Hunter and Jan!!

"Charlie Brown" came in at the # 2 spot!!


Foosie Oop, the first Sphynx we've shown, made it through his first show and is now a Champion!

Even more exciting, Jabocats Archibald Hunter, "Hunter" to most of us, is now a Grand Champion!!  Hunter is the son of our Archibald and serves as a reminder that he is a good cat (even if he can not be shown) and can produce "Grand" kittens.  Thank you Jan and Bob for using Archibald in your program and for taking Hunter all the way!!


Lothar reached his CFA "Grand Premier" title at the Quad City Cat Club Show!!


Charlie Brown reached his CFA "Grand Premier" title at the Midwest Regional Fundraiser show in Indianapolis, IN.!!


Oooops!!  Olivia did it to us again, or Olivia and Prissy did...  There are three (3) kittens!!  At some point during the birthing, she slipped one in and apparently, as with the last time, she either hid it very well, or Prissy took it somewhere, just to mess with us!!  Sometimes this having the "girlfriends" all together is not such a good idea! :-)  They are "all" doing well.


Olivia and Winston are the proud parents of 2 new NFC kittens!!  Pictures coming shortly.


We would like to introduce to you, two new members of our family -  Pollyanna P. and Pip P..  Two new Maine Coon girls we are especially excited about receiving.  Not only are they absolutely the cutest things around, full of all the things that make kittens, kittens, but they have the added feature of being polydactyl.    If you do not know much about polydactyls, we will be adding links to information about them as I get the time, but in the mean time, it simply means they have an extra toe (or more) on one or more of their paws.  This is somewhat of a unique trait that we happen to admire and look forward to working with.

In the future, Peter Piper P. and Mystic P., also Maine Coon poly's, will be arriving mid March, or so...


We have not been keeping things up to day very well and we will try and do better in the future.!!


B Street Charlie Brown attended his first cat show this weekend, the Country Cousin's Cat Show in Peoria.  6 Rings.  He received 4 Finals, 2 of them with "Best Kitten" and 2 - 7th Best.  Most importantly, other than a few moments of concern in the first ring, he handled the show itself with great ease, laying on our lap, rolling around and acting his usual goofy self.


B Street Cattery has "officially" moved to it's new location.  With that move comes a new phone number:  309-444-9838.  The fax number and e-mail addresses remain the same.


Betty Boots gave birth this morning (3:27am) to one blue kitten:  "B Street Serendipity Gabriel".  "Dipity" and Betty are doing well.


Elly & Gabriel are pleased to announce the birth of their kittens.  Mother and kittens are doing well.  Pictures will be posted shortly.


Sylvia & Gabriel are pleased to announce the birth of their kittens.  Mother and kittens are doing well.  Pictures will be posted shortly.


Lilly & Gabriel are pleased to announce the birth of three Maine Coon Cat Kittens!!  Mother and kittens are doing well.  Pictures later this weekend!!


Well...we are finally moving in to the new house / cattery.  Ok, only into the basement, ok, we still have a great deal to do upstairs, but with four (five?) girls pregnant and due any moment now (later this week), we pushed it to get them in before having they started having their kittens.  For good, or bad, we are here and everyone appears to be adapting pretty well.  All the "mama kitties" have moved in except for Betty Boots, who will go to the vet on Tuesday (6/26/07) to find out, definitively, if she is pregnant, or not...  Then, she will move in too.


Tobias - B Street Tobias Winston won "Best Norwegian Forest Cat Kitten" for the Great Lakes Region in TICA for 2006 / 2007!!!

Sonja - Vanir Sonja Moon of BStreet won the "Second Best Norwegian Forest Cat" for the Great Lakes Region in TICA 2006 / 2007!!

He says it won't go to his head! :-)


Olivia & Winston are pleased to announce the birth of four new Norwegian Forest Cat kittens.  We were confused at first, thinking she had only three, but there were four (and still are!).

Mother and babies are doing fine... Dad is as well, but he's not all that interested at this point. :-)


A sad and happy day for us.  All of Winston & Olivia's children, from the 10/26/07 litter, have gone to their new homes this week, except for Tobias, who will be staying with us.  It is sad, because we hate to see our babies go, but happy because we know they will bring a great deal of fun and joy to their new "people".  We wish them all the best... both the people and the babies!!

Tobias will be staying with us and starting his "show career" later this month at the Illini Cat Club show in Savoy, IL.  He will be going up against his sister "Uh-Oh Olivia" (amongst others...).  Come and join us at the show and watch him beat her pants off!! :-)


Rachel and Gabriel (MC) are pleased to announce the birth of 5 new Maine Coon Cat kittens, born today.  Birthing started at around 4:00 this morning, after a very restless night and ended with the last being born at 9:20.  Mother and babies are doing well.

.35 lb (5.6 oz), .37 lb (5.92 oz), .32 lb (5.12 oz), .30 lb (4.8 oz), .30 lb (4.8 oz)


Rachel & Gabriel (MC) are please to announce that they are "expecting".  Due date is February 21, 2007.  This is Rachel's first pregnancy and we will be doting over her very carefully!!


Mitzi Red Velvet and Ch. Theodore Rhett Butler announce the birth of "Lord Horatio Nelson TRB" a red, male, Maine Coon kitten.  Mother and baby are doing well - with Olivia's help, of course!!.


Olivia Eva and Ch. Winston Erik announce the birth of five (5) of the cutest kids ever.  Mother and babies are doing well.


Vanir Sonja Moon of B Street finaled (three times) today at the Great Lakes Area Cat Enthusiasts show in South Bend, IN and in doing so, earned her TICA "Double Grand Champion" (DGC) title!!!

Two shows to Champion, Grand Champion and Double Grand Champion - Rare for anyone, even more so for a female to reach this level, this quickly!


Vanir Sonja Moon of B Street finaled (twice) this morning at the Great Lakes Area Cat Enthusiasts show in South Bend, IN. and in doing so, reached her TICA "Grand Champion" (GC) title!!


All breeding cats at B Street Cattery have been tested for HCM (Hypertrophic CardioMyopathy) and the blood tests have come back - Negative!!


Red Adair Theodore won his "Champion" status this weekend!!  From here on out (until he Grands!) he is "Champion Red Adair".!!


Starting at around 2:15 this morning, Annie had her babies.  3 total - 1 Red, 2 Brown Tabby/Patch Tabby.  Mother and babies are doing well.

Take a look under "Kittens" for Annie - 11/28/05


Mitzi Red Velvet has had her babies.  As with her sister - Annie (six months ago) she has had two red tabbies and three brown tabby/patch tabby.

Take  look under "Kittens" for Mitzi - 11/13/05


Prissy Little Star has had her babies.  A blue tabby with white feet & bib and a brown tabby.  Of course, with my history of color selection we will have to give it a few weeks before we are sure on that!! 

Take a look under "Kittens" selection for Prissy - 10/20/05


Randolph, Marigold, Sarah & Diana attended the Peoria, IL CFA cat show along with their father Winston.  Though the day was filled with a lot of activities and discussions, Randolph came through with an AB Final and received a 9th best kitten.  First time out and he did very well.  Similar to his father who did the same on his first outing!!

Next we are on to the TICA show in Franklin Park, IL on October 8-9.


On Tuesday, Randolph, Sarah, Bartholomew, Cynthia and Quincy visited the Snyder Village (retirement community) in Metamora, IL.  Randolph showed off his attitude, Quincy was as cute as could be - climbing on our shoulder, licking and rubbing noses, Sarah was superb with her gentleness and Bart and Cynthia did very well.  These are some of the kittens who will probably be shown (along with Edward) and they showed that they can be very comfortable in a strange setting.

We had a great time and we hope the residents and staff of Snyder Village enjoyed themselves as much as we did.  We hope to do this on a regular basis.


Annie Red Velvet & Ch. Theodore Rhett Butler are pleased to announce the birth of 5 kittens.
2 - Red Tabby, 3 Brown Tabby


Scarlet Fitzhugh & Ch. Theodore Rhett Butler are pleased to announce the birth of 5 kittens.
2 - Red Tabby, 1 - Brown Tabby, 2 - Cream Tabby


Melanie Fitzhugh & Ch. Theodore Rhett Butler are pleased to announce the birth of 5 kittens
3 - Brown Tabby, 2 - Blue Tabby


Olivia Eva & Ch. Winston Erik are pleased to announce the birth of 4 kittens.
4 - Blue Mackerel Tabby with White