About Us

We love cats.

Ok, so that may be obvious, but it is also essential for someone doing what we are doing.  There is no question that to be a breeder (should) mean that you love cats, but it also means you have to be responsible about it and not just be a "collector".  In our case, we happen to love Norwegian Forest Cats and Maine Coon Cats.  We believe each of their general personality types compliment each other (which is one reason we like having both around) and both make terrific pets for a great many people.  To be sure, there are a number of other breeds of cats available and all of them are wonderful, but the Norwegians and Maine Coons are very special to us.

We have asked ourselves many times over the years, why it is we became a breeder.  It is certainly not about the money, I'm not sure you could charge enough to cover the actual expenses that are incurred.  It is not about the "lay'd back lifestyle", there is nothing "lay'd back" about it - you worry about every aspect of the kitten's lives and their future.  It is not about the travel to "wondrous, exotic, far off places", unless you consider visiting various state and county fairgrounds and hotels halls, as being "wondrous, exotic, far off places".  So what is it that makes spending all the time, the money, the aggravation, worry, sleepless nights, tears (of sadness & joy), etc.,  something we want to do? 

It is simply about
The Cats.


Look into the face of a little Norwegian girl (cat I mean!) and you will see the sweetest eyes and the most adorable face, but you'd better know, that in about three seconds, she's going to bop you on the nose!  That twinkle in her eye means she has a bit of the devil inside, just waiting to get out!!  Oh, and she doesn't forget!!  Elephants have nothing over Norwegians in the memory department...  The boys...well the boys are "special" as my wife likes to say.  She often references something about "riding a little yellow bus", but I have never quite understood that completely... we have no yellow bus, or car for that matter??  Oh well... I guess I am in the same classification.  Anyway, the boys are "majestic", in a football player sort of way.  They are generally "burly", often suffer from the "bull in a china shop" syndrome, but also give off the air of simply wanting to please you...they are very, very sweet.  Unlike what various articles say about their personalities and their being a bit "standoffish", ours seem to want to be on us as much as the Maine Coons.  To be sure, either sex is extremely loving and becomes very attuned to the "emotions" around them.   In addition, our male Norwegians have an important job in our household - to make sure that the food is available in the type and quantity they think is required.  If it is not, they will let you know!!


Maine Coon Cats are in a world of their own.  Like the Norwegians, they are large and though they may weigh approximately the same, the Maine Coon is noticeably longer and lankier.  Female Maine Coon's are without a doubt, "regal".  They are more mature, often act more "grown up" than their male counterparts.  They are loving and can grow very attached to their people.  Males, well... male Maine Coons are very much like males in other species (which shall remain nameless)... they never really grow up.  They will continue to play, to be "clowns" well into their adult years.  This often distresses their female counterparts, but I think we all know how that goes.  As for water...  While all creatures (great and small) require water, there are only a handful that seem to find water as something more than simply an essential ingredient to life - The Maine Coon is often one of them.  For them, water is something to behold... something to play with, to play in, something to splash into the air and where it lands, I can not care...  If you've got to drink it anyway, to stay alive, you might as well make it into a game and see just how much of a mess you can make with it!!  We have heard many stories of Maine Coon's sitting in a bathtub while it is being filled, or walking into a shower, as it is running.  Some of ours have done the same - at least with the shower, but few really like to get soaked.  Play with it, yes... Take their paw and splash it around, yes... Stand in the middle of their water dish, ankle deep in water... yes.  Swim in it... not on purpose, though a toilet does make an interesting playground and has resulted in more than one soaked kitten.

It is very common for men (of the human based persuasion) to like Maine Coon's.  They are "big", they are "stately" and they can be "rough and tumble-ish", but there is another aspect that men should know about, that may make them even more attractive to have around...  Since the Maine Coon likes water so much, any time a toilet lid is left "up", your female counterpart will quickly notice that the cat will play in the water and so the next time the seat is "wet", you, the (people) male, may not get yelled at!!  Of course, if you are the one who left the lid open, that is an entirely different problem you will be dealing with!! <G>

So...as you can see... the Maine Coon can even bring peace and tranquility into your household!!

A quick note about toilets.  It is cute to joke about the above, but there is a serious aspect to it as well.  Toilets, by their very nature (purpose) are a breeding ground for all sorts of things, the majority of which are not very good for any animal and giving access to it, to any pet (cat, dog or whatever) should not be allowed (keep the lid closed).  In addition, the use of "automatic" chemical cleaning additives (be they liquid, pellets, tablets, etc.) should never be done if a cat, or dog, lives in the house.  When allowing the toilet to "soak", make sure the lid is closed and for added assurance... close the bathroom door.  We've had more than one Maine Coon lift the lid to see what was inside...

One thing to remember when contacting us about kittens...  We attend a variety of cat shows (whenever we can) which, right up front, take up a number of weekends.  In addition, though our cats and kittens are an important part of our lives, they are not our only part.  We have actual jobs to attend to which, though we might like to feel otherwise, do take up some of our available time.  We have to sleep...  It may be limited, but we have to get some, sometime.  And possibly most important of all, we simply like to have a few moments of time for just the two of us, together, alone (HA!).  If we fail to contact you right away, please wait a day or two and if we still do not contact you, try again.  We do not mean to "ignore" anyone, but occasionally your initial contact may come at a moment in time when things are a bit of a "cluster" and to be honest, we simply forget. 

16 kittens and what do you get?
Another days work and deeper in furr...