Available Older Cats

The cats available in this area, are generally older.  Some may be retired mom's, who are no longer breeding.  Others may be retired show cats.  Some may be ones who we "thought" we could use, either for breeding, or for showing, but who just did not work out, for one reason or another. 

While there is absolutely no question, that we will care for them, as we do any of our cats, these are ones who we feel may do particularly well, in their own home.  All deserve the same loving homes, that any of our kittens would go to, but often take a special individual / family, looking for an older cat.

Some of these cats may have special needs, or requirements.  If any exist, it will be included in the description of each cat.  Some "needs" may be medical, others social, but no matter what, being able to meet them, will be important.  These are cats we have had for some time and dearly love, but whom we feel, would do much better, in their own home.  While we take great care in placing any of our kittens, we will take even greater care, in placing these cats, into their forever homes.

Raphael & Tamborine

Raphael and Tamborine are brother & sister, from a mating between Little Bear and Archibald.  Originally, we intended for Raphael to be shown, but he really does not like the show hall and does far better, lounging around the cattery, watching TV and hanging out with his sister, who he likes to annoy. <G>

This is a situation where we feel it best for them to go to a new home, together and obviously, anyone who is interested in them, will have to fall in love with both for this to work out well.