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Brown Classic Tabby


I do not even know where to begin with describing Eleanor.  She is, without a doubt, one of the best mom's we have ever had.  Her ability to juggle a large litter is remarkable and is second only to what Olivia did, when she took care of Mitzi's brood, along with her own.

Eleanor's first litter consisted of 6 kittens.  At the time, her sister Lilly was with her, but her other sister Sylvia came down with mastitis and Eleanor and Lilly took (literally) some of the kittens to help out.  The second time she had kittens, she had 8!!  While we had to supplement them a couple of times, she definitely preferred to take care of things herself, in her own way.  Generally, she would have six kittens a day gaining weight, with two, staying stable, or loosing a little.  The next day, it would be two different one's who were stable, or lost, while the others gained, with the two that had previously been held off, being given preferential treatment the next day (they always caught up with the total gains).

We have no idea how she did it all, but what we can tell you is that she ate a great deal during it!!  I believe she was relieved when the kids started to eat real food! :-)

We certainly hope that her future litters and the litters of any of her children, have a few fewer in them, but no matter what, we know they will all be wonderful children!!


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Brown Tortie


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Blue Patch Tabby


The daughter of Eleanor and Gabriel, Bluebelle is a wonderful girl.  Early on, we had thought she was going to be going to a friend of ours, but when that fell through, we decided to keep her.  We are glad we did!

Bluebelle has most of her mother's positive attributes, along with a few of her own.  Like her mother, she is very sweet, very laid back and tolerant of almost everyone else she meets.  She has been able to transition from one group of girls, to another, with little problem.  When her mother became pregnant the second time, we separated them shortly before she gave birth.  After a few weeks, it became clear that Eleanor wanted Bluebelle back in with her and the kittens.

Though we are used to this behavior (to a degree) from the Norwegian's, we have not seen it all to often among the Maine Coon's.  In fact, we have often been concerned with non-mothers disturbing the mom's, to the point where they could abandon their kittens (something we REALLY want to avoid).  In this case though, Eleanor put Bluebelle right to work, babysitting the kids, grooming them, etc. and she did it all without complaint.

When the time came for Eleanor's kittens to "come out" and be exposed to other areas of the cattery, Eleanor directed Bluebelle on where to position herself to "observe" and each stood watch over things.  If a kitten appeared to be in distress, either of them would go to their side and offer a word or two of support and help them along their way.  The chirping and chattering that would go on between the two of them during these outings was something to behold.

As Bluebelle developed, we realized that not only did we have a girl with a fabulous attitude and good looks, we had a girl who was becoming noticeably larger than her mom as well.  Long and lanky like her mom, she has a few pounds on her... in the "appropriate" places and proportions, of course!  She is several inches longer and sits taller, with bigger boning and a slightly "fuller" body.  Her length makes her ideal to be mated with some of our boys who are a bit "stockier", the combination of which, we hope will produce some spectacular children. 


Bluebelle may have decided that having children is just not her thing.  Raising them is no problem for her, she works with her mother, very well.  Going into heat and mating with a boy, seems to be where she draws the line.  While we will continue holding out some "hope", it is rapidly fading, but we will give it a bit more time before making a final decision.

Regardless though, she is a BIG help to her mother (Eleanor), so she will stay to help her with future litters.

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Shoe Be Do


"Shoe Be" is one of Pip P.'s first group of kittens and is one we have decided to keep for showing and possibly breeding.  She is a silver classic tabby (we think) with an attitude that matches her looks...  She knows she looks good and is not afraid to make sure you know it too.

Stay tuned as we see how she develops... 

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Pollyana, Pip and Mystic are Polydactyl (Mitten Paw) Maine Coons.  Not all their kittens (when breed) will come out as poly's, but even with this trait aside, they are beautiful girls.

Pip P.


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Mystic P.


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The following girls are retired from breeding.  Some have gone on to their second careers and have been, or are being, shown.  Others "assist" mothers with new babies and others still are living peacefully in the house, with no particular responsibilities.  They've earned that right!! <G>

GP Molly Brown
Brown Patch Tabby


GP Molly Brown

With A New Career - Show Kitty!!

Molly is the sister of GC Charlie Brown and the daughter of Rachel and Gabriel.  She is a "well built", brown patch tabby girl who is about as talkative as her mother (and that is saying a lot!), with an extremely outgoing personality.  Initially, we were not absolutely sure we should keep her for breeding.  We had spayed her sister Murphy (who was larger), for a client, who ended up not taking her and as Charlie developed very well, we wanted to keep the lines available.  Molly surprised us by having a good growth spurt as she got older...  Sometimes good things come to those who wait. :-)  Actually, she was always very good, but her eventual growth, was the icing on the cake. :-)

As of 1/09, she has been mated once to Archibald and has produced two wonderful kittens and is proving to be as good a mother, as her own mother was (Rachael). 

Important Update

Molly reached her "Premier" (Champion) title at the show in St. Louis on April 17, 2010.  As a retired mom, three years old, this was her first outing and she did remarkably well with all the hoopla involved in the show.  While not her brother (Charlie Brown), she really is rather spectacular and a wonderful example of what the Maine Coon is all about... 

PR Molly Brown has surprised the heck out of us.  While we have always known she was a "good" cat, we did not really realize just how good she might be.  Silly, I guess, as she is Charlie's sister, but we just did not put the two together.  Molly did exceedingly well this past weekend, at the show (with two finals) and so we have decided to take her to shows and get her, her GP title.  This is important for the cattery, but also means that any adoption will have to wait, until after she receives her title.

Update 8-16-10

At the Mo-Kan show this past weekend, Molly Brown attained her "Grand Premier" title!!!!  She will continue being shown towards a "new" standing that will be announced shortly. <G>

Congratulations Molly and Sueann... Great Work, both of you!!

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Prissy Little Star
Blue Patch Tabby with White



Prissy is an absolutely gorgeous girl, who has a few personality quirks.  She came to us quite shy and pretty timid, not liking to be around people.  We knew this up-front, but felt we could work with her and get her to change...  Today, she still does not like being around / on people (us included), but it is NOT due to shyness...  She simply has decided it is all one big game!!

She will come and sit on our desks, or jump up on the couch next to us and look...  As long as we do not make "eye contact", she will sit there, often kneading with her paws and even reach out to touch us at times.  But... If you make eye contact with her, she'll move.  Other times, if you need to get a hold of her for some reason, all you have to do is to walk right up to her and pick her long as you do not look directly at her, it works... Look directly at her and it is a lost cause.

As of Jan. 09, Prissy has only given us one set of kittens - Archibald and Betty Boots.  While we hope she will be mated again, she has to go into heat and she has to accept the boy when she does.  Two or three matings done since her first kittens have proven fruitless, but we will keep trying for awhile longer.  If nothing else, she will stay in the cattery...  She is best friends with Olivia and Mitzi and the three of them work together when any of them have kittens.

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Mitzi Red Velvet
Red Classic Tabby with White


What can I say about Mitzi?...  Without question, she is beautiful, with long flowing fur, a sweetheart with a bit of attitude, but most of all, she is all "blond".  While that "stereotype" is often overused, in this case, it fits.  If we had the chance to name her all over again, we would probably have to go with "Ditzi Mitzi".  She is just clue-less much of the time and does not seem to understand what she is supposed to be doing.

Actually... now that I say that and as much as we joke about it, I suspect it is more a ploy on her part, to keep from being expected to do things.  After all, if you are "not all there", no one expects much from you.  The reality though, is that Mitzi can be, a terrific mom.  With her first litter, she became very sick and though Olivia helped her (and us) a great deal, Mitzi hung in there to care for her kids through it all.  It was her second litter when the questions started to come up...

Her second litter consisted of one kitten - Horatio.  Born two weeks or so after Olivia had a litter, it was almost as though Mitzi felt it was not necessary for her to care for her own child... After all, Olivia was there.  Several times, Olivia had to go and find Mitzi and "talk to her" about her caring for the kids and the expectation that she participate in feeding, cleaning, etc.  At one time, Mitzi was lounging on the bed, Olivia came to the door of her room and "called"... Mitzi continued to groom herself.  Olivia came over to the foot of the bed and called again...  Mitzi's ears perked up a bit, but she made no move.  Olivia jumped up onto the bed, made a few comments and then head butted Mitzi.  Eventually, Mitzi got up and followed her back to the babies to do her part, but it was obvious her heart was not in it.

Since that experience, Mitzi has fended off all advances made by any boys she has been put with...  Almost as though she knows what is involved - 5 minutes of fun, leads to weeks of caring for little fuzzy children!! :-)


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Betty Boots
Blue Classic Tabby with White


Betty Boots is the first B Street girl to stay and be a mom for us.  She is the daughter of Prissy and Theodore and her brother is Archibald.  Where he has been a bit shy and reserved, she is completely the opposite.  Outgoing, gregarious and even down-right pushy. 

Up to now (1/09), Betty's idea of "mother-hood", with her two matings, consists of having one, blue male kitten...period.  Two matings, two blue, male kittens... No more, no less.

Though an excellent mother, she does have a few minor "faults" with her raising children...  For some reason, she seems to feel that they "ought to be doing something" within a few days.  With both her babies, you would find her, three days after birthing, standing outside her birthing box, "calling" her son to come out and play.  A little, gentle, reminder, has usually put her back on track, but it is still a bit of a shock to see her trying to play so early.  Once the boy grows a bit, his fulfills her needs, but initially it is a bit much to ask.

She is, in all other ways, a terrific mother and we always look forward to the boy she brings us. :-)

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Brown Patch Tabby



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Little Bear
Brown Patch Tabby


Little Bear is an "interesting" girl.  While a bit stand-off-ish at times, at others, she is unbelievably friendly and outgoing.  She is the daughter of Sylvia (from a mating with Gabriel) and has, without question, some of her mother's attitude.

We have gone back and forth with her, on whether we should continue breeding her.  The problem (for us) is that her kittens do not seem to start off "well", or start off being obviously impressive, but seem, with time, to develop into good looking, impressive cats.  It's just difficult to show them when it takes two years...<G>

As of December, '09, we have breed her again with Archibald and have our fingers crossed... 

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Pollyana P.
Blue / Silver Patch Tabby


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