Group Pictures
Kittens Born in 2007



At this point it is becoming increasingly difficult to know who belongs to who...  All of them are now congregating and the mothers are taking turns feeding, comforting and bathing.  Often times we see the horde between two mothers, others (as shown) one mom is taking care of the whole group.  15 kittens in these images!!!


Though Lilly's kittens are getting mobile, they are still confined to their birthing cage.  This will not last much longer!!  Elly's, a week behind, are growing like weeds, but are still not as mobile yet...  Of course, now that Elly can see first hand what she is up against, she may be holding them back a bit, but nature will take it's course and Lilly and Elly will figure out ways to deal with things.

Four of Sylvia's kittens are in with her.  Though she recovered well from her initial problems, the two kittens Lilly took from her, have stayed with her (Lilly), so Sylvia only has four to worry about at this time.



Lilly's & ??

Lilly's & ?


Well... The kids found out they they can make it onto the bed this morning!!  From here on out, everything is fair game and our evenings will become far more interesting, I'm sure! :-)  They have, to put it mildly, become very active.  They rarely "walk" preferring to run, full bore, every where they want to go.  Momma (Rachel) is actively teaching her children about the litter box - whenever they have their "trying to poo cry", Rachel runs to the litter box and calls them...  They run in and she coo's at them while they dig for all they are worth...  It is marvelous to watch. :-)

Rachel & James

The Kids

The Kids

The Kids

The Kids


The kids turned a month old today.  Last night, they started climbing and a few of them made it into the chair.  This morning, as the pictures show, ALL of them made it into the chair!!  They are growing, are VERY active and are developing some wonderful personalities!  Each day we see another step being taken and as always, it is a great deal of fun!!


17 Days and Active!

Mom comforting them after weighing & pictures

On 2/23/07, Rachel had her first litter of kittens, which is also our first litter in 2007.  You can see pictures of her kittens under "Rachel & Gabriel".  Check back here for pictures of her kittens, once they start to interact with the other cats and kittens that will come along this year.