Amelia & Archibald

Time can get away from us, very quickly!!  In a blink of an eye, two months has gone by and we have no idea where it went...  While we may not know, the kids do and they have spent the time doing what kittens do... Growing, developing and becoming bigger and bigger, pains in the neck to their mother, Aunt and Grand-Ma, every day!!

They are BOYS... thru and thru.  They get into everything they can and then look at you with cute eyes and a look that says... "Who me?".

Buzz Neil Eugene Edgar


Over the last couple of weeks, the kids have been transitioning from Mom, to "real" food...  While I have seen all of them go to the plate in that time, not all at the same time, until this morning.  Time to feed more, more often!!! <G>

Everyone is doing well...  Vet visit, earlier in the week, went well and confirmed (YEA!!) that "I" was correct and they are ALL BOYS!!!  Go Amelia!! <G> (It's a "male" thing!! <G>).  The next part of their "development" is fast approaching...  Mom, Grand-Ma and Aunt Bluebelle will start (soon), disciplining them, over their rambunctious behavior.  Along with that... all will start coming out of their room to explore and be exposed to new places and a few, selective, new "friends"...  Always FUN!!! <G>

Mom eating with kids...
Grand-Ma watching over all...

Mom watching over the kids
as they eat.


The debate is over...  "Buzz Aldrin" is a red-head. <G>  Along with "Neil Armstrong", "Edgar Mitchell" and "Eugene Cernan", they are all growing and doing pretty well, at this time.

Mom is doing wonderfully with them and her sister and (her) Mom are starting to step in and help by overseeing the new kittens activities and in particular, spelling Amelia with the task of keeping them confined in their birthing carrier.  Eleanor has never been one to let her kittens out too early and she has passed that on to her children.  She and Bluebell take turns laying in front of the birthing carrier, to keep the kittens confined, whenever Amelia is taking a break.

All three get pretty aggravated with us when we go in to handle the kittens, weigh them, etc.  Hovering over us and checking on everything we are doing.  They get particularly concerned when we first go in and start talking to the kittens because they come to the front of their carrier and start to tumble out.  They also do NOT like it when we are weighing them and leave them out, as we weigh the next one, etc.  Since Edgar, Eugene and Neil all look quite similar (I still have a hard time telling them apart), it is easier to take one from the carrier, weigh them and leave them outside, while we weigh the next one.  Mom, sister and Grand-Ma aren't all that happy with this and are continually letting us know their displeasure verbally and by placing themselves between the kittens and us.

Eventually, of course, they will come out, but for the moment, these three "birds" still retain a pretty heavy hand in controlling their movements... For now. <G>


...And the debate is on...  Is he/she a red?, or is he/she a cream?  Photography being what it is, with the flash, each monitor showing colors slightly differently, it is hard to tell by pictures, but no easier (to me) in person!! <G>  I'll have to give it more time, but eventually, I suspect, we will have to decide, one way or the other. <G>

In the mean time, all of them are growing quite nicely.  Eyes are open and they are starting to hear, as can be told by the fact they start looking towards me when I come in to feed mom and talk to them.  And they are starting to get mobile...  If you are not careful, after putting them back in the birthing carrier, they will join in with their littermates, very quickly now.  Of course, with the cream / red one, it is not an issue, but the other three, become difficult if they join back up before I am ready for the next now.  


Mom and babies are doing well.  Mom eats... Babies eat...  Mom eats, babies sleep.  and the cycle continues. <G>  There is really not all that much to say other than Mom is being a good Mom and babies are doing what babies do...<G>

More soon...


It wasn't a surprise pregnancy, we had, after-all put Amelia in with Archibald ourselves, but after checking her repeatedly, before Terry left for CA, we were SURE she was not pregnant...  Boy... Did she fool us!  Not to mention, took her own sweet time in getting around to having her babies!!

More information and pictures soon.