Amelia & Archibald


Not a lot of pictures, but a few...  They are growing and are all adventurous and interested in getting out to explore.  Aunt Bluebell was in with them and while she eventually became a bit overwhelmed (with 8 nieces and nephews clamoring at her, who can blame her), she did really well meeting and greeting...

Foray out into the "play area" to see new things and to meet Amelia's sister, Bluebelle... They're growing... Now need three trees to hold them!! <G> Aunt Bluebell (Boo-bell) with her niece, Boo-Boo...  Somewhat of a similarity?? <G>


They are definitely cute, definitely growing and definitely becoming "hooligans"!!  BUT...  Captured is a moment of pure cuteness!!  All 8, snuggled together.


The fence is down...  Ok, not in these pictures, but because of their being able to get up and over, with little trouble (even Pixie, the smallest can scramble over), it came down shortly after these pictures were taken.  They are BIG kids now!! <G>


Mom is not overjoyed by their adventures, but the inevitable is happening...  Where one comes out, another does and pretty soon, the whole mass of wiggling, running, jumping, meowing, fur will be raising heck with anything and everything they come across.  But... Boy, are they cute!! <G>


The "Break Out"...  The first one makes his way out into the BIG world, leaving the others to watch.  Not for long, I am sure!!

Yogi, BooBoo, Huckleberry, Hokey, Pixie, Dixie, Yakky & (of course) Snagglepuss!!