Betty Boots & Gabriel


3 Weeks old and he is coming out!!  Mom is sitting to the side calling him...  We think she is bored and wants someone to play with. :-)  Today was his first foray out under his own power.  Tentative, to be sure, but between him and his mother, they were chatting up a storm and out he came.


"Dipity" is now a week old and growing like a weed!!  Mother (Betty) is very attentive to his needs and keeps a watch over things every morning as he is weighed and checked over.  He is quite vocal (like his mother and dad) and can be somewhat demanding when it comes to feeding time... crying out rather incessantly, whenever he wants his mother back in with him.  She comes running, but will often comment a bit herself, that this is getting a bit much.  Though several weeks away, he will be introduced to others (Sylvia's, Lilly's and Elly's) and may calm down a bit when he realizes he is not the ONLY kitten in the house. :-)


Betty Boots delivered her 1 kitten, "B Street Serendipity Gabriel" at 3:27 a.m., on July 7, 2007 (7/7/07).  Betty is our first "B Street" girl (the daughter of Prissy and Theodore) to give birth to a kitten and we have high hopes for "Dipity" in the future.  The pictures below, taken at just over 24hrs, shows him to be doing well, with mom showing a keen "interest" in our activities... Ok, her black eyes show that she is not sure she likes whatever it is we are doing "to" him, but she (as the others have) will learn that this weighing is all part of the day to day routine.

He will be spoiled!!