CeeCee and Red Adair
This is a mating we are quite excited over.  Red's personality is so outgoing and so "happy", combining it with the sweet disposition of CeeCee, is just something we wanted, very much to do.  Of course, the potential color combinations won't be bad either!! <G>


It has been a LONG while, since I got pictures of Piper!!  Not sure exactly why, but him being an "only child" may be part of it.  A lot of "work" getting out the camera, etc. to take the pictures of one kitten. <G>  In any case, sorry for the delay!!

As can be seen in his pictures, Piper has grown and is doing quite well.  He and his mother are now at work (in my office) and he has pretty much taken over.  Mom still tolerates some of his adolescent behavior, but you can tell there are times when he gets on her nerves.  At those times, he is on my lap, or sitting on my desk helping me with the keyboard, mouse, etc...  And YES, he is a lot of help!!


Piper is just a cutie, with many of his dad's attributes... and a few of his mother's better one's!! <G>



Well... Three weeks old and he is out!!  Mom does not seem to be too concerned this time, previously she kept her kittens "in" for at least 5 - 6 weeks, but Piper is either head-strong, or she has learned to not fight the small stuff. <G>  A little wobbly on his feet, but he is looking around "his" area just fine.

Next we'll see if he attacks the broom and vacuum, like his father!! <G>  He already "squawks" like he does!!


Sorry it has taken so long to get pictures up, but a lot has been happening this past week and finding the time has been difficult.  With that in mind, I will hopefully be compensating by posting more often, in the future.

Meet CeeCee and Red's, first Grand Champion, "Piper Alpha", Red Adair's first baby.  Ok... the "Grand Champion" aspect may be a bit premature, but...we have high hopes!! <G>  At 11 days old, his eyes are open (they've actually been open since day 7), but more startling, to us at least, is he just under 1 lb !!  His face is very much like his dad's, a bit round, and he is, without question, quite "stocky".  While he will cry at times, he is not a whiner when being handled and the look in those eyes, is one of curiosity, as he is being handled and sees new things.


Well...  CeeCee and Red Adair have had their baby...  A brown classic (?) tabby with white feets, boy... one.  Yes, you read that correctly, ONE baby!!  Apparently, CeeCee needs to spend more time with Eleanor, but for now, she and her baby are doing well and we are looking forward to seeing how he progresses.

Pictures coming soon!!