CeeCee and Archibald


As can be seen by the pictures... The girls are doing quite well.  Dandee, who we hope to be showing early next year, is a doll.  Bouncy, outgoing and into all the trouble she can get into... Not to mention, gorgeous! :-)  Bridgett is a spitting image of her father, Archibald.  Wonderful markings with an attitude to match.  Clarice is a bit shyer at this time, but we fully expect that she will follow in her sister's foot-steps here shortly and be in the middle of things, as much as they are.





CeeCee's kids are doing well... Very well indeed.  At just over 3 weeks, they are almost a pound!!  Not to mention, being GIRLS!!! :-)  They are getting very active and about ready to "break out" of the birthing area, much to mom's dismay!  Mom learned from her mom, keep them in until they are a month and then stand back. :-)

All are doing well and we PROMISE to be on top of pictures more often from here on out!! 

Kitten 1

Kitten 2

Kitten 3