Eleanor Lin & Charlie Brown


Thibault and Blue are doing quite well.  Thibault is a lot like his father, particularly in his coloring and Blue is very much like him in personality.  Both are sweet as can be, want to be in on anything and everything you are doing and will be wonderful dogs... oops, I mean cats, when they grow up.  For now, they are still kittens, running around clearing off our desks and "eating". <G>



Came home today for lunch and noticed that all the kittens had "paired off" with an "adult"...  Bluebelle had "Blue" with her, Amelia had Linus and Eleanor had Thibault.  I didn't want to disturb them too much, so I took the shots through the windows (dirty) that line their room, so there is some glare.

All are doing well!!

Eleanor & Thibault

Amelia & Linus

Bluebelle & Blue


These three boys are something else.  Of course, with a mom like Eleanor, they don't have much of a chance of being anything different, but it is fun to watch them develop and see how their mom influences them. 

In the last week or so, she has started to teach them to "hunt".  Grabbing one of the toys and crying for them to come over.  Then she drops it to the ground, bats it around a bit and picks it back up.  It is cute!!


Sorry it has been so long since our last pictures...  Kittens are growing like weeds and now, at just a day short of 4 weeks, they have broken out of their birthing area (yesterday) and are showing interest in the food available...  Ok, Linus is shown licking his paw after having spent several minutes standing in the food plate!!

Hopefully they will NOT adopt their father's food training trials which took quite awhile to get through ! <G>

In any case, all are doing very well and we are looking forward to the Lucky Tom Cat Show in St. Louis in January for their first outing!!

Linus & Blue on Blue
Linus & Blue on Blue
Linus & Blue on Blue
Thibault Brown

Thibault Brown


While posted a bit earlier than usual, the requests for information on Charlie's first babies has been overwhelming, so we have gone ahead and posted some very early pictures.  All are doing ok and are gaining weight and at this age (72 hrs), there is not a whole lot else to report on.  Kitten 1 is a bit darker than Dad, more like Mom.  Kitten 2 is more like Dad, a bit lighter in color and Kitten 3, the blue boy, must have been from the milkman. <G>

Lots of things to go through with them, so all we can do right now is to continue feeding Mom and hope things keep moving forward.


No pictures yet, but this is Charlie's first litter of "Grand Champion" kittens...<G>  Not like we haven't already planned out their show careers!! <G>!

Pictures coming soon!