General Group Pictures
Kittens Born Between 1/1/06 - 12/31/06

Due to time constraints and working on the new cattery / house, we limited the number of pregnancies this year.  The direct result of that is that there are fewer kittens this year.  Though the cattery, etc. is still not completed, we have allowed Olivia and Mitzi to get pregnant, Prissy may, or may not be.



    Bath Time

Every mother knows just how difficult it can be to get their kids to take a bath...  Mitzi does her best, and occasionally, it actually works out for her.


First Vet Visit
Waiting Room

Horatio & Dani

Horatio & Dani

NFC, Horatio, Dani & Mitzi





Getting ready for the big "break-out"



Olivia & Babies - 11/06/06

Olivia, Mitzi & Babies 10/29/06

At this stage, there is not much to see, but since we have "this" shot for each of Olivia's birthings, we obviously had to be consistent. 

Mitzi is in with Olivia as she is due two weeks after and Olivia likes to "collect together" all the pregnant girls in one place.  Sharing the responsibilities of child care is one of Olivia's defining traits - Of course, she is "in charge"!!