Little Bear and Archibald




Well... It was bound to happen eventually...  We have made an "oops" and now have to worry about "gender identity" issues!!  "Russel Stover" will be renamed - "Jane Russel". <G>  I just can't see calling her "Mary Terry"... <G>  First vet visit today and our vet made the "discovery" during the exam.  Thank goodness for "professional opinion" or it might have been much worse!! 

In any case, her activity level is high, she is becoming a royal pain in the neck for her mother (literally - as she jumps her, often) and all in all, will probably make the adjustment from "boy" to "tom boy" fairly well.  It is us who may have some difficulty with it, but even we will get over it...eventually. <G>

Pictures coming!!



Mom is starting to loose control and this time, it is with the BOY!!!  While "Fanny Mae" is the more vocal of the two, has come up to the front of the carrier more often, it is her brother "Russel" who came out first!!  Mom was beside herself this evening as she kept trying to herd him back into the carrier.  Picking him up, dragging him in, only to have him turn right around and come back out.  Fanny, on the other hand, wanted Mom and her brother back in with her. <G>

Time will tell, but this is a good start for the boy and a show career!!