Little Bear and Archibald



A Christmas morning nap...Ok, one disturbed by my standing their with the camera and flash, but they went back to sleep shortly after. :-)  Drum is getting himself ready to go to his new home (after neutering...but don't tell him that) and Raphael is heading towards the show ring...possibly with Tamber.  All in all, they are doing well.


Not a whole lot to say at this moment...  The kids are growing, are VERY active and are tearing up the place. :-)  Raphael is the spitting image of his grandfather (Gabriel).  Very outgoing, full of himself and without a doubt, an instigator.  Drummer Boy, named Drum because when he runs, he seems to take the extra effort to make noise with his feets, is right there with Raphael in the trouble-making department.  His skills at escaping from his area are second to none and he has come face to face with the girls (Ceecee's) on many occasions.  Tambourine has taken her time in getting into things...  Though she often instigates a wrestling session by pulling on one of her brother's tails, she tends to hang back a bit and has been the slowest to learn that food, from a different source than her mother, is "good".  She's catching on though and I suspect will be the central figure in more trouble than we will ever know about... which is typical of most of our girls. :-)

Tambourine - Raphael


Drummer Boy


Sorry for the delay, but things have gotten away from us and picture taking has not been high on the priority list.  We will do better in the future!!!

As it stands, Little Bear's children are doing quite well.  #2 is a lot like his grandfather, only bigger than his father at the same age.  We will be watching him!!  1 and 3 are doing quite well, though more "typical" in size (similar to Charlie).  All in all, mom and kids are doing well and we are looking forward to posting more shots in the future... PROMISE!!

Kitten 1

Kitten 2

Kitten 3