Mina & Winston

This was our first successful mating with Mina.  While we have tried her a number of times with Gimli, either their inexperience kept things from happening, or she simply did not like him, but it never worked...  This time, we brought over Winston.  Winston, always the "charmer", won her over (very quickly) and we now see the fabulous results!


Yes... They continue to grow!!  Brie is considerably larger than either his brother Stilton , OR his father at the same age.  Stilton and Cami are absolute sweethearts, love to purr, want to be on you and play like the the dickens! 

Of course, Brie still watches over his two "hair-challenged" siblings, Jamocha and Chunky Monkey, both of whom are doing very well too. 



It is often interesting to see how kittens learn various behaviors.  Some are obviously just kitten things, others are things we may teach them (inadvertently, most of the time) and others are from their mothers...  Tearing up paper products, in this case, comes right from Mina and ALL her kittens are learning it - Norwegians and Sphynx's!!  Why is it that they can't learn the "good" things?? <G>


We've been asked, many times, just how the Sphynx's do with the Norwegians and whether or not they are at a disadvantage, both because of size and fur, or lack there of...  Well..., we can honestly say, the Sphynx's take advantage of any hesitation the Norwegian's may have and are also the primary instigators in any altercations.  Though, of course, they will not admit that!

They all get along very well with each other.  All play, just as typical kittens will play.  The Sphynx's do seem to have the occasional bewilderment when they bite down on the neck of a Norwegian and come away with a mouth full of fur and the Norwegians seem to step back, when they bite down and come in contact with skin.  Which, when that happens, is often an opening for the Sphynx to jump in there and roll the Norwegian! <G>

Both groups, as they are getting older, are quite outgoing and appear to have good physical characteristics of their respective breeds.  We will pity the poor judges when they get a hold of this group and have to make a decision! <G>  Oh... well, it isn't so bad, it is not like all five will be judged together!! <G>  At least not until they reach any finals!


Well... They continue to grow, become more adventurous and generally become the "hooligans" kittens this age become... regardless of whether they have hair, or not. <G>

Each morning, the group is let out of their room to romp and play in the main office area.  They get into anything and everything they can.  Calculators are a particular favorite these days, as they make noise when you step on the keys!!  Brie, who has been the shyest, is coming out of it.  When you come into the room, they all run up to you to say "Hi!", want attention and then want to go and attack something. 

Both groups seem to have learned from each other, their "typical" traits...  Why is it though, that whenever you put children together, with different backgrounds... that they always seem to learn the "bad" behaviors and rarely the good ones??? <G>  In any case, all are rambunctious and certainly full of themselves - As they should be at this age!!

Don't even try to take this away from me!!  Ok.. I want you to try, but then I get to growl and act tough!!

Ahh...  Could you tuck the side in a bit... I feel a draft.

Hi Mom!!

Don't mess with me!  Ok... so I dangle the tail to attract your attention, then I screech to let the people think I am being picked on!
Stilton with Aunt Rachael watching (under) him.  Have to keep an eye on them, or they get into everything!


They have now been coming out into the "big" room for five days or so and have taken over, very comfortably.  Brie still seems to be best buds with the Sphynx's and while Cami and Stilton don't have any problem with them, Brie definitely has a liking for them.  Wherever they go, he checks up on them every couple of minutes.

All in all... everyone is doing very well and we are looking forward to seeing how they develop!!

Brie, Chunky Monkey & Cami

Chunky Monkey & Brie

Chunky Monkey & Jamocha



Well... Today was "break-out" day.  The first time this group of kittens are allowed out into the "big world" of the main cattery.  Mom, being a typical Norwegian, directed Rachael to check things out and then watched, closely (!!) as the kittens came out for their first big adventure.

Mom's, of any kind, can be a bit overly protective and overbearing, but kids are fearless...  This group is no different.  With Mom chirping and trilling away, the kids, after a brief walk around to check things out, etc., started romping, jumping and having a great time.  None wanted back in, when Mom decided it was time... But, there will be more of this in the future...  Once they are allowed out, it is impossible to keep them behind closed doors!!

Sphynx Update:  The two Sphynx's did not participate in the break-out... this time.  While certainly coaxed, not only by us, but by their furry brothers and sister, they opted to stay in.  They did "look", but...  They are four days younger, so we anticipate, after a few more of these "outings", they will be joining in with the fun.

An the Sphynx's are keeping warm and comfortable!!


The "crew" continues on.  All are starting to eat real "food" now.  The Norwegian boys have had little problem making the transition, as would be normal for them (food is, after all, one of their primary goals in life).  The Sphynx kids have needed a bit of coaxing to make the transition and quite honestly, need to be "reminded" that they know how to eat, each time the plate is put before them.  Hopefully, the more they see the Norwegians saunter up to the plate, on their own, maybe they will catch on sooner.  We keep hoping!! <G>


The situation with Mina and the Sphynx babies continues...  Things are going reasonably well.  The problem now is that, at times, the Sphynx's are pushing away the Norwegian kids, so they can have access to Mina's spigots. <G>


A special treat today...  Roxie, one of our Sphynx mom's had kittens a few days after Mina did, but she has had difficulty caring for them.  After four weeks, or so, of almost constant care and with a great deal of desperation on what to do for them, we suddenly realized - we have Mina!!  Norwegian moms are excellent at taking care of kittens... more importantly, they typically do not care who's kittens they are... they will care for them.  This has always been true with Olivia... would it also be true with Mina??

I think that answers that!! <G> 

The three Norwegian boys have a new brother and sister, even if they are hairless and the two, wayward kids, have new furry brothers.  Wonderful to snuggle up with if you are a hairless kitten!!  So far, things are working out... Our fingers are crossed!!

Hmmm... Can the Sphynx kittens now learn to speak Norwegian???


They have decided to start breaking out of their birthing area!!  Kittens 1 & 3 have made foreray's out into their room, with no adverse affects.  Kitten 1 is even finding time to stop and bite the play gym. <G>  Kitten 2 is holding back for the time being, which can either mean he is going to be more reserved as he gets older, or will be a total hooligan, but in the mean time, is waiting and watching, before making his move!!

All is being done under the watchful eyes of their mom and Rachael.  Both of whom are working together to keep tabs on all their movements.

... And now the real fun begins!! <G>


To put it mildly... They continue to grow!!  It is that gold ol' Norwegian milk at work, at this point and they are responding very well to it.  Pretty soon, they will be wandering around on their own and the "fun" will begin.  Right now, Mina is the attentive mom and watches our every move...very closely!


Their eyes are open, they are growing like weeds (ok, Norwegians!!) and they are starting to get a bit mobile.  Pretty soon, Mom is going to loose control!!  This being Mina's first litter, she does not know what is coming, but with Rachel's help, she will get through it.  Given that Winston is their father, we are very much excited about what their personalities will be like, but we will have to wait awhile longer, to find that out! <G>.

Kitten 1 Kitten 2 Kitten 3


Mina presented us with a couple of challenges during her pregnancy and we have spent several hours discussing some of the possibilities of what we would have to do, if things became difficult.  Thankfully, none came about and she has presented us with three wonderful children.  It is still a bit too early to have much to say about them, but mom and kids are doing well and we are absolutely delighted to have them!!

Pictures coming soon!!

Kitten 1

Kitten 2

Kitten 3