Mina & Alexander

This was our first successful mating using Alexander.  While we have tried him previously, either his inexperience kept things from working out, or the girls simply did not like him...  This time, we brought him over to be with Mina and she was more than happy to see him...  Now we see the fabulous results!


Loku likes her sleep... even if it does look like she is about to slide off onto the floor!!


Loku & Noke


Mina is, as she was the last time, a fabulous Mom.  Not only is she taking care of the new kittens, she's teaching Cami (her daughter from her first litter) the finer points of child rearing...  Cami is gaining valuable experience caring for the babies and while she is not able to do everything, she does what she can.  As outgoing as Cami is, we hope she takes the lead when the time comes for the little ones to learn about interacting with others...

The two "honkers" (the two brown with white) are doing very well.  For their age, they are now about the largest NFC kittens we have ever had.  Though, at this age, it is not a true indicator of what they will be.  "Peanut", the little red kitten is holding his own and not flourishing anywhere near like the others.  This is a concern, but he's eating, is playful and alert, so all we can do is keep trying.  Fingers crossed!!


Everyone seems to be settling in and getting the hang of what they are supposed to be doing - eating, sleeping and growing.  Cami (from Mina's first litter) is with her to help and oversees all activities involving her new charges.  Mina is, again, a wonderful Mom and actually seems a bit more relaxed this time around.

More soon...


Mina has again presented us with another set of terrific children.  It is still a bit too early to have much to say about them, but mom and kids are doing well and we are absolutely delighted to have them!!

Kitten 1

Kitten 2

Kitten 3