Miss Piggy & Ch. Winston Erik

Pictures by Preston Smith, taken at their first show, the day they turned 4 months (just like their Dad!!)

Birgitta - Balder - Marit
Birgitta - Balder - Marit





First time out...  The "big kids" find out just how big the world really is!! <G>


It's a BIG world out here!!

Grandma isn't overjoyed with face-time...



Hard time waking up in the morning!!

Learning to scratch at the door...  Mom takes the lead, the girls follow!!


Not much more that one needs to say...  A picture really can replace 1,000 words!!


And the FUN begins!!  The kids broke out just three days ago and today, they started eating "real" food. <G>  They still want their Mom, of course, but as they are being true Norwegians and as everyone knows...  Norwegians love their food!! <G>



The control loss has started!!  Miss Piggy's children have started to come out on their own and there will be no turning back!!  They are mobile, they are on the move and they want to see the world...  They are "big kids" now (in their eyes) and the world is at their beck and call.

The FUN begins!! <G>


Another week passes and they continue to grow!!  We are DELIGHTED with how well Miss Piggy is doing.  It is her first litter, but she is handling things as well as her Grand Ma ever did (Olivia), not to mention, her mom. <G>

The kids are starting to get mobile, at least within their carrier.  We know what is coming and we think Mom does as well, but she is keeping a close eye on things (and us) to postpone in inevitable as long as she can.  The day will come, but until then, she maintains control.



Well...  A bit over a week has gone by and they are progressing nicely.  Kitten 1 is a "bruiser", definitely all boy!.  Kitten 2 is her mother and Kitten 3 is really the cross between Mom and Dad.  Eyes are open and they are starting to notice things around them.

Eating is NOT a problem!! <G>

These pictures are courtesy of Sueann.  Thank you Ma'am!! <G>

Mom watches!!


This was Miss Piggy's first litter, so we knew how many were coming (we x-ray new Moms to be) and we are glad we did...  She took her sweet time bringing her wonderful kittens into this world!!! <G>

Everyone seems to be doing well and we are looking forward to seeing how they develop.  Stay tuned!!