Mitzi Red Velvet & Ch. Theodore Rhett Butler



12/21/06 - First Vet Visit



It can be amazing what a week can do for kittens.  Horatio, last week, was barely able to walk around, today, he is out and about with his older (NFC) brothers & sisters.  He hates being left behind and does all he can to be in the center of the action.  In the long run his being "pushed" to do things will probably not have much impact, but right now, at 3 weeks, he is doing, or trying to do, the things his 5 week old NFC siblings are doing.


While under the watchful eyes of his mother,
Horatio goes after his buddies...


"Lord Horatio Nelson TRB" is certainly a heck of a name to have to live up to...  At two (2) weeks, he is just shy of 1 Lb!!  Growing like a weed and looking as cute as a button, he is working hard to live up to that name.  A bit "mouthy" at times (like his cousin Red Adair), he may very well make sure, as time goes on, that anyone around him is fully aware of his presence!!

On the afternoon of November 9, 2006, at 1:40pm, Mitzi Red Velvet and Theodore Rhett Butler gave birth to "Lord Horatio Nelson TRB" - an adorable, red, male Maine Coon kitten.