Molly Brown & Archibald

Veronica and Jacks continue to grow into typical kittens.  Jacks, being a "boy" is most definitely a pain to his mother and sister, constantly instigating things and then acting all innocent.  It is very hard to get mad at him when, after he has been "bopped" by his mother, he looks up at us with his big round eyes, as if to say... "What did I do dad"?? :-)

In any case, both are wonderful kittens, but we are already counting down the days to when Molly can do this again... as is she!! :-)  Another six months, or so, but don't tell her that!! :-)!!



Jacks being a brother and "touching" Veronica!!


A quick shot catching Molly and Veronica "Hanging" together...  Just another case of "Like Mother, Like Daughter". :-)

Molly & Veronica
"Hanging Together"


Just a quick update of mom and the kids.  Growing like weeds, exploring everything and racing around like crazy...except when they crash. :-)  They are cute!!

Molly - Jacks - Veronica


Now that Veronica and Jacks have reached the age of 6 weeks (+), they have had their first set of shots and are now starting to come out and explore the common room.  As is typical of most animals... Veronica (the girl) is the one who does things first, with Jacks sitting back to see how things go for her, before jumping in himself.  Once rolling, they are both a hand full for Molly. 

Molly wants the kids out, but at the same time, is learning that once they leave the confines of the birthing room, they are no longer under her control.  Molly spends her time running from one end of the room to the other, climbing the trees and chirping, cooing and putting a paw on them, when needed.  Molly is learning what it is like to be a mom of active children, just like her mother had with her.  It can be exhausting!!




The kittens are mobile!!!  Actually, very mobile...running around their room, pouncing on each other and anything else they can get to, including their mother.  Mom is almost constantly "talking" to them and they will certainly be talkers in return...


Correction:  Kitten 1 (on the left below) is not a boy, which leaves us with one other choice...a girl !! 


The last week or so, have seen the two boys doing what they do best at this age...  Eating, sleeping and growing!!  Molly is doing very well with her first babies, is very attentive and comes out from time to time to visit with some of the other mom's, but mostly, to have a word or two (dozen) with her own mother.  If these two boys carry forward with their mother's and grandmother's vocalizations...they will be talkers!!

Note:  Though not set in stone at this moment, Kitten 1 has a potential new owner, who has first choice, if they should choose not to take him, then he would be available.  Kitten 2 is under evaluation for showing.


Molly had her kittens today.  As usual, not a whole lot to look at, at this moment, but they are here and Molly is doing a good job with them.  During the delivery, she had some help from her mother, mostly due to her appearing to not understand "what" was going on, but she caught on quick and things are progressing forward.

Kitten 1

Kitten 2