Mystic P. & Charlie Brown


Peppermint Patty has been "picked" and will be going to her new home, very soon.  Morgan (Morgan P. Brown), an absolutely wonderful boy, who is currently going through a growth spurt, remains.  He is absolutely gorgeous, sweet and ready to give a lot of love to a family of his own.


These two are growing like weeds and taking over... Quickly!!  Not only the room, but our hearts too.  They are sweet, adorable, outgoing and full of spunk.  Going into their room means having to block the door as you open it, or they will come flying out.... Which they have done a number of times.  Their Mom's sisters and two girlfriends have had the opportunity to meet these two on more than one occasion and Annette isn't quite sure of what all the interest is in these little pesky kids, while Sonja, with more maternal interests, is very curious over them.

All and all, they are doing very well and Mom is wonderful with them.


Finally...  At least some pictures of Mystic and her two boys.  She and Charlie definitely do good work!!  Both are adorable, both are mouthy (just like mom and dad) and both are Poly's...  So much for the odds.

We "WILL" try and keep better tabs on these guys...  They are terrific!!