Olivia Eva & Gimli
This is the second mating between Olivia and Gimli.  While a bit sooner than we would normally do (9 months since her last kittens), she recovered so well from the last round, actually getting a lot of "fluff" built up, something she has never had in the past, that we went ahead and let her mate again. 

Yes... Finally!!  I know I am way, way behind with these two, but will be working to catch up over this coming weekend.  These guys have made it to the point of "coming out" (of their birthing cage), before I had any pictures, but we will make up for it soon!!

Both are doing well (girl / boy).


Well... She has done it, yet again.  Olivia has given us two cute kids, a boy and a girl, from her mating with Gimli and we are looking forward to seeing how these guys do in the future.  Both are "big" and we are crossing our fingers that everything works out well.  We are a bit gun-shy after Samantha's group (hand feeding). <G>

As usual, pictures will come soon!! <G>