Olivia Eva & Ch. Winston Erik


All of Olivia's kittens, who were going to new homes, went this week.  As sad as it is, it is a part of what we do.  We wish them all the best in their new homes. 

On a happy note, Uh-Oh (shown left) went to a local home and will be competing against her brother, Tobias at various shows in the area.  As sweet and beautiful as she is, Tobias is sure to...


The Norwegians are growing like weeds...

And "Dani" is doing quite well too...


...And they continue to grow!!

I'm not sure,
how does this thing work?

Sometimes you just have to make a "face"


They are all growing so fast.  How quickly we forget that just a few short weeks ago, they were tiny balls of fluff that relied on the mother's for everything.  Today, they are getting into everything!!

Olivia has lost control...  The kittens got out this week (out of their basket, that is), and are roaming around their room whenever they want.  Olivia is loosing her voice from doing so much chirping - "don't touch that", "don't eat the litter", "don't go there", "get off her", "stop that!" and on and on and on.  Though they are, yet again, becoming little hooligans, we have learned that it must be something their mother does to them to cause this...it certainly can't be us!!





The "MC" kitten Olivia and Mitzi have been caring for is doing well.  Our only real concern is that she may be taking on too many of the NFC attributes - She has become quite ROUND like the NFC's, not long and skinny like typical MC's.  Oh well... NFC milk apparently has that effect on anyone! :-)

The Maine Coon kitten Olivia is caring for is doing well, growing like a weed and is sure to become a "pistol" before she goes back to her people - we will be making SURE of it!! :-)

Olivia's kittens are also doing well...  Everyone has opened their eyes and are starting to explore, a bit shakily to be sure, their surroundings.


Sadly, we lost "Kitten 1" today.  She had been loosing weight since birth and though we supplemented her on a continual basis, she never gained and lost her battle with life today.  This is the first NFC we have ever lost and though we hardly got to know her, she touched our hearts and her loss is deeply felt.

10/28/06 - 10/31/06

On Saturday, 10/28/06, we picked up a less than one day old Maine Coon kitten for Olivia to care for, from another breeder.  The kitten had been born the day before and the mother had rejected it and the breeder asked if Olivia would possibly accept it.  She has done so in the past, with other kittens (of ours), so we thought there would be a "chance".  It is never a sure thing, even though most Norwegian breeders know that their girls will take charge of any kittens, so it was worth a try - far better than only supplements.

Four days later, the kitten is hanging in there - gaining weight and very active.  Smaller than the NFC kittens, she is "fighting" for her spigot, right along with them.  She will probably grow up to be full of "spit and vinegar", but as she will go back to her owner, she won't be our "problem"!!

As always, none of this is assured, so we are watching things closely and have our fingers crossed!!

12 Hrs Old

Kitten 1

Kitten 2

Kitten 3

Kitten 4

Kitten 5