Olivia Eva & Ch. Winston Erik

A very relaxed Olivia with her companion Annie.


Lord Ringtail

Sir Barimore



Just because you have a camera
doesn't mean I have to pose for you!


Daaad!  He's horning in on my picture!!!

See...  I can be cute too,
just like my sisters from my mom's earlier litter!


She's poking at me!!

I don't know what she is doing back there, but I sure don't like it!!

Vet visit days are always fun!!  A good time is had by all...lot's of laughter, lot's of surprises (they're THAT big??), but for some reason, the "little" one's don't seem to enjoy it quite as much as we do! :-)


Sorry... these are not pictures of each kitten.  Only two would stand still long enough to get any sort of picture at all, much less, all four of them!
We will get more as soon as we can!!





11/25/05 - Three of the four kittens