Prissy Little Star & Ch. Theodore Rhett Butler




Betty Boots
Archibald & Prissy



Betty Boots          Prissy, Betty & Archibald          Archibald


We had hesitated to confirm it prior to now, but our vet was over today for a visit and she confirmed that we have a "Betty Boots Prissy" (female) and an "Archibald Theodore" (male).  She also confirmed that they are growing like weeds!  They are wandering around their nursery area like they own the place, much to the displeasure of their mother...  How quickly the children grow up and mother totally looses control!!


To say that they are growing like weeds would be an understatement!!  Prissy is eating well and obviously her kittens are doing the same.  We "believe" at this point, that we have one male and one female with this group. 



A small litter this time - 2 kittens.  One appears to be a brown tabby, the other a blue with white, including 4 white socks.