Roxie & Spartan
This was our first Sphynx mating.


The "crew" continues on.  All are starting to eat real "food" now.  The Norwegian boys have had little problem making the transition, as would be normal for them (food is, after all, one of their primary goals in life).  The Sphynx kids have needed a bit of coaxing to make the transition and quite honestly, need to be "reminded" that they know how to eat, each time the plate is put before them.  Hopefully, the more they see the Norwegians saunter up to the plate, on their own, maybe they will catch on sooner.  We keep hoping!! <G>


The situation with Mina and the Sphynx babies continues...  Things are going reasonably well.  The problem now is that, at times, the Sphynx's are pushing away the Norwegian kids, so they can have access to Mina's spigots. <G>


A special treat today...  Roxie had her kittens a few days after Mina did, but she has had difficulty caring for them.  After four weeks, or so, of almost constant care and with a great deal of desperation on what to do for them, we suddenly realized - we have Mina!!  Norwegian moms are excellent at taking care of kittens... more importantly, they typically do not care who's kittens they are... they will care for them.  This has always been true with Olivia... would it also be true with Mina??

I think we have our answer!! <G> 

The three Norwegian boys have a new brother and sister, even if they are hairless and the two, wayward kids, have new furry brothers.  Wonderful to snuggle up with if you are a hairless kitten!!  So far, things are working out... Our fingers are crossed!!

Hmmm... Can the Sphynx kittens now learn to speak Norwegian???