Samantha & Gimli

Update - It has been a LONG month and a half again with Sami...  Yet again, her milk did not come in (sufficiently) and it has meant another "round the clock" feeding schedule.  Offsetting that is the fact that "Kermit" is a wonderful boy, full of himself and our fingers are crossed that he continues with his outgoing personality and physically... ends up like his father.

We'll see...

As can be seen... He is a cutie!!  Oh... and for those who noticed... Yes, he is going through his "poopy-butt syndrom" phase and has been bathed!! <G>


After going through several days without sleep (me!!), Sami FINALLY decided that it was time to present us with her new kittens.  We have been anticipating this litter for awhile, with quite a bit of trepidation due to her last round, when we had to do the feeding for 8 weeks!!  Hopefully her milk comes in on this one!!

Mom and kids are doing fine...

Stay Tuned!!