Samantha & Gimli


It has been awhile and it is almost unbelievable that in two weeks, Tom, Dick and Harry may be attending their first cat show in Moline.  Looking back, their Grandfather (Winston), was exactly 4 months old when he attended his first show, but to think these guys will be the same, just does not seem correct, but it is.  Time flies when you start off hand feeding!! <G>

As can be seen in the pictures, all are doing well.  Miss Piggy is aptly named - she has "attitude" galore.  She and her brothers are all cute as can be and getting ready to take on the world.

Miss Piggy





Harry, Dick, Tom


They say, a picture is worth a thousand words... But I'll add a few more anyway!! <G>

FINALLY!!!!  After 7 weeks and somewhere around 350+, individual, hand feedings, around the clock, they are eating on their own!!!  The worry, the weight gain, the weight loss, the "should we do this", or "should we try that" and everything else that went on behind the scenes, at all hours of the day and night, is finally over...  Now, we get to worry about the more "normal" things!! <G>

All of them have pretty terrific personalities...  Since they are Norwegians... all of them are little puff-balls at this time and all have pretty straight noses (important from the potential show perspective)...  All of them WILL BE SHOWN!! <G>  All of them WILL become Grand Champions!!  Yea, yea... I know, I need to get some sleep!! <G>

In any case, they did it.  They have made it through despite our inept mothering skills and are becoming the little "piglets" (Norwegians) that they typically are at this age...  And... from looking back over several years worth of weight charts, they are, at this time, on par with, or bigger than, all others we have had in the past!! 

Who knows what they will do over the next couple of months, but we are delighted that they will now be doing it, on their own!!  Now... I need to get some sleep!! <G>


Since the day after they were born, we've been hand feeding these guys to keep them going.  Mom has not had much, if any, milk, but has taken care of all other aspects of child-rearing.  We're just EXHAUSTED from the 2 - 4 hr feeding schedule.  We're starting on the weaning process, but it is sloooow going!!

All are doing pretty well.  Cute as can be, full of... well, full of "spirit" and playing like crazy.  They broke out of their fenced in area, about a week ago and are quickly taking over the room.  While they have their own, child size tree, they have begun to explore the "big cat" tree, much to the dismay of Mom, who sits at the base, trilling for them the whole time.  Of course, kids being kids, they do NOT pay much attention to Mom!! <G>


Well... They have finally started to come out of their carrier and even though their mom is less than happy with the situation, it is a great thing to see.  We are still feeding them, but they are starting to "think" about eating on their own.  Not quite there yet, but they are trying, but still have to learn how to stick their nose in the food and not breath at the same time they are lapping.  Kind of cute, though, to be honest, we'd like them to learn a bit faster. <G>


At just over two weeks old, they are doing pretty well, considering "we" are feeding them, every 3 hours or so, round the clock.  Their Mom helps as best she can, cleaning them up, taking care of the "waste removal", etc.,, but we provide the input, that is getting them to grow.  They do get comfort from her as well since she acts like a large "binkie", in between our feedings.

It is nerve-racking and exhausting, but we will do all we can to make sure they have the best chance of making it, that we can provide.  Another week or so and they "should" start to eat off the plate a bit and will allow us to get a bit of sleep!!

All things considered, they are doing well...  And dang... are they CUTE!! <G>

We apologize to those who watch these pages for the pictures we normally post of the kittens...  This litter has been a difficult one - Samantha has not had much, if any, milk and we have been spending the past couple of weeks hand feeding, every two - three hours and we are a bit tired.  Beyond being tired, we have been concerned over whether they will all make it, or not, but as of now (just over two weeks), they are gaining weight pretty well, but are a bit behind the other Norwegians we've had.  We are keeping our fingers crossed and doing the best we can (between our own naps) to keep them going.

Stay tuned...