GC Charlie Brown
GC Charlie Brown

CH Miss Piggy

GP Molly Brown

GP Buster Brown

Maxwell (MC)

GP Molly Brown

Charlie Brown


Miss Piggy had two kittens on Tuesday, Jan 26th!!
** Pictures Coming Soon **

B Street Slide Show

GC Charlie Brown - GP Buster Brown - GP Molly Brown
GP RW Lothar Winston - GP Chunky Monkey

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At B Street Cattery, we emphasize health and "attitude", along with correct type and size (see standards).  Our cat's health, both physical and emotional, is our primary goal.  Our cattery is designed to provide our cats with a safe, secure and spacious environment in which they can grow and flourish.  Combining our home with dedicated cattery spaces, provides many areas of "interest" and numerous challenges (both physical and social).  We believe this helps our cats to develop a great deal of confidence and when coupled with our care and handling, produces cats who are terrific pets and excellent representatives of their breeds.

Chunky & Mina 

Maine Coon Cat & Norwegian Forest Cat

This website is intended to give you a glimpse of who we are, what our cattery is like and most importantly information about our cats and the breeds they represent.  As you browse through this site, you will quickly become aware that our cats are a integral part of our lives.  Though separations have to exist - whole males from females, etc., we have done a great deal to incorporate our lives and the things we do, with the lives of our cats - maintaining contact with all our cats on a regular basis, is essential, both to us and the cats.

All our kittens and cats are registered with
CFA - Cat Fanciers' Association.

Please look around and enjoy yourself.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask

16 Kittens all in a row...Taking over the couch!!

This website, as with many others, is updated on a continual basis.  Though we would like to provide you with the information on what has been updated, or changed, each time, it is almost impossible to do so.  We make changes to things as we notice them, have something more to say, show, etc.
All we can say is "keep looking". :-)


GP Lothar Winston
GP RW Lothar Winston


Betty Boots

Annie & Mitzi (MC)
Annie & Mitzi

Julius & Lilly

Mary Lynne Brita (NF)           Play time is almost as important as food time!           Lucile & Lydia (MC)
Maine Coon Cat, Norwegian Forest Cat, Maine Coon Cats, Norwegian Forest Cats


American Gothic
Cat Club

Memories & Memorials

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Maine Coon Cat, Norwegian Forest Cat, Maine Coon Cats, Norwegian Forest Cats, Maine Coon, Wegie, Wegies, The Maine Coon, Coon Cat