Memories & Memorials

This page is dedicated to those who have gone on before us,
 Who have touched our lives and left paw prints on our soul.

Alexis Lee | Winston Erik | Theodore Rhet Butler | Sonja Moon | Tobias


"Alexis Lee" was our very first Norwegian Forest Cat.  Named after the infamous "Alexis Lee" on Falcon Crest, she lived up to her namesake with Attitude, High Expectations and even more Attitude!  When she twitched her tail and out...she was about to strike out at whomever was closest, and proved, many times over, that she was happiest when she was mad...  She brought new meaning to the line "you know, you are beautiful when you are angry".  She could be very sweet and very bad, but she was never one to mince her words and always let you know how she felt about something.  Her memory rivaled that of an Elephant and if she didn't like you the first time she met you, no amount of time, treats or gifts would undo her feelings - though she would accept the treats, she would remind you that they were insufficient. 

Her life was a kaleidoscope of experiences and adventures.  She caught chipmunks in our basement in MA, chased Maryland Blue Crabs on the deck of our boat on the Chesapeake Bay and caught moles in IL.  She set the tone for our life and never once wavered from her core belief - She was beautiful and she was in charge!  When she got back to IL, later in life, she made it clear to all concerned (and you had better be concerned!) that she liked it here and was going to stay, no question about it!  She made all our lives a whole lot better.

We miss you Alexis and think of you often!

Lydia & Alexis on the boat

Alexis on the boat


Winston Erik
Blue Mackerel Tabby with White



CFA - Champion

Winston was our first NFC that we brought into the house with the intention of showing and eventually breeding.  During his first show (which was also our first show), we had no idea what we were doing, much less, what all the ribbons and rosettes meant.  Looking back, other than remembering that he kept pulling down his cage  number, or reaching out through his cage to steel the waiting rosettes, we can recall that he enjoyed his time at shows, but also, did fairly well.  One day, out of the blue, we received a letter that stated he was the "second best NFC kitten" in our region.  No idea how he got there, but...:-)

His skills as a "boy" and matings to Olivia, has spoiled us for all other matings.  When first introduced, he was the "perfect gentleman"...  Cooing and chirping at her, he spent a bit of time talking to her, asking her about herself, etc.  Numerous times we would find the two of them, snuggled up together.  They just seem to like each other, even if they only get to be together only once a year.  Though predominantly mated to Olivia, he has had a session with Masha, a girl from a friend of ours, who gave us Lars, Lothar and Lisa (amongst others).

Notable Children

Grand Premier, Regional Winner
Lothar Winston

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Champion Theodore Rhett Butler (MC)



Theodore was our first MC we ever showed and our first breeding male.  As a kitten, he was outgoing, cute and loved to snuggle with his mother (Terry).  Though a gorgeous boy, he just did not take to shows very well and so we did not push him beyond the Champion title in CFA.

He would have preferred to stay in our bedroom, but being a "boy", we had a few problems with that and he and Winston were the first to move to the "Bachelor Pad" (boys area).  This was our first experience with dealing with whole males and we did (as we continue to do) all we could to make their lives as interesting and full as possible.

It is with a very sad heart that we have had to say goodbye to Theodore.  It was much too soon to have to do so and we can only hope that he is looking back at his life and remembers that he was loved.

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Brown Mackerel Tabby with White

2005 - 2010

It is with great sadness that we have to say, Sonja Moon passed over the Rainbow Bridge today, September 14, 2010.  She was an absolutely phenomenal girl, who loved kittens, always wanted to have babies, but never could, but who would care for any that needed it.  She was a very special girl to us, nuzzling herself under the covers most nights, pushing off her sisters in the process, so she could have her fifteen minutes of "snuggle time" each evening.  She would purr at the drop of a hat and would fiercely protect any kitten in her charge against all threats, real, or otherwise.  One of the sweetest girls you could ever hope to meet, yet one of the most gorgeous too - becoming a Double Grand Champion in TICA in two shows!!!  Had we kept her out for a few more, she would have, without question, become a Supreme!!

Whether by title, or not, she was a wonderful girl, who we will miss terribly!!

TICA - Double Grand Champion
CFA - Champion

Sonja is our "Country" Norwegian Forest Cat girl...  She has "big" hair and a lot of it!. :-)  There are times during the year when she looks like a cross between a cat and a dust mop with long flowing hair falling off her sides.

When Sonja first came into our home, she spent a lot of time with Olivia.  During one of Olivia's pregnancies, after her kittens were about four weeks old, Sonja started to play "mom" to two of them.  Olivia would feed them and then allow Sonja to take them off to a bed and snuggle with them.  She'd do all the things a mom would normally do, cleaning, playing and snuggling, eventually, even the socialization that mom starts, everything but the feeding.  Sonja has wanted to be a mom, to have kittens of her own, ever since.  Thus far, sadly, she has been unable to, but we continue to try, if for no other reason than simply to see the look of utter happiness in her eyes when she is around babies.

Update - 12/09

Sadly, after several attempts and multiple partners, we made the decision to stop trying to mate Sonja and had her spayed.  She is a terrific girl, does very well with kittens, in general and will be a well loved member of our household and a baby-sitter to other mom's kittens.  It was a tough decision to make, but one we felt was best for her.  Possibly, if any TICA shows ever occur where we can reach them, we may finish her progression to Supreme, but otherwise, she will be here enjoying life.

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Brown Classic Tabby with White

Tobias crossed over the Rainbow Bridge at 4:05 this morning, September 21, 2010, one week after we lost Sonja.  He suffered a seizure, earlier the day before and never recovered.  He was in my arms, as he passed over and I can only hope he understood just how much he was loved and how much he will be missed.  He was a wonderful boy who loved everyone, people and cats alike.  He had an infectious personality and while he was pushy for attention, the look in his eyes, his kneading paws and his purr would win over even the hardest, most standoff-ish people and the other cats in the house, had no choice but to embrace him.


Tobias is from our 10/26/06 litter of Olivia and Winston.  As the son of "Winston", he is laid back, purrs at the drop of a hat and is an all around cute, adorable boy!  From Olivia, he has received his share of "spunk".  There is nothing funnier than to see him, nose to nose with William, only to have him rear back and do his "big" hiss at him...  Poor William, he knows he can't do anything to this little "snit" of a kitten, so all he can do is ignore him, but it is hard. Of course, Tobias's "head butting" Maxwell is a sight to see... right up against the bottom of his stomach!!  All Maxwell can do is to look back, over his shoulder and wonder what "fly" just tickled him. :-)

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To call Julius a "long drink of water" would be an extreme understatement.  If you start at the tip of his nose and work your way back to the tip of his tail, you will find your hand going down this cat, for a long, long, long time.  As you move your hand along him, you will also find that there is not an oz of extra anything, anywhere, along his body...  He is as skinny as a rail, but strong as an ox!!

Luckily, he is as sweet as can be and really just wants to be held so he can wrap his arms around your neck and push his snout up under your chin.  Something he must have learned from Red Adair.  Once you give in to him though, you had better be ready for a long stay...  He will not want to let go and makes it quite clear that he considers this "position" his due.  As this is an arrangement we happen to like, we enjoy the time we get to spend with him and let him snuggle all he wants.

Now... we just have to find him a girl that will compliment his particular build. :-)

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